Ray-Ban has always been renowned for fashionable and functional eyewear. Eyeglasses combine style and purpose, to give you a functional accessory that is compatible with your everyday look. It is a known fact that eyeglasses primarily enhance vision, but there’s no reason why they can’t also add to your fashion quotient. Ray-Ban Rx frames in 

 are not like ordinary prescription frames; with their immaculate craftsmanship, they are always compatible with your corrective lenses.

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If you like to be in the limelight at parties and get noticed for your good looks, Ray-Ban Rx designer eyeglasses 

 are your best bet.Eyeglasses are very trendy, and their styles are always in line with the latest trends and designs. Attention to detail is a unique factor in these Eyeglasses, and distinct patterns have made these eyeglasses more than just a fashion accessory.

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 come in a number of styles to suit every face. The RX 6121 is distinguished by rectangular lenses and sleek frames for that chic and trendy look. Other attractive eyeglasses include 6113, which has rectangular frames and comes in six colors. Another exciting option is the RX 5184 sunglasses because of its wayfarer styling! It’s the perfect choice to embark on your outdoor adventures! Trust these glasses to exude sophistication whenever you step out.

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The original versions of aviator sunglasses (sometimes called pilot shades) were designed specifically to provide maximum eye protection. All early versions of these glasses had a tear drop shaped lens designed to completely cover the eye to protect it from bright sunlight and dangerous UV (ultra violet) rays.

The tear drop shape is still the most popular but modern versions can also be found with different lens shapes depending on the intended use for the glasses.

Modern materials mean that these glasses are lighter, stronger and more comfortable to wear for hours than the originals. Polycarbonate lenses are the most popular now because they are shatter resistant and provide the best protection from flying debris. The best aviator sunglasses have light, comfortable frames with earpieces that fit snugly.

Be Sure They Fit Right

It doesn't matter how good the glasses look on you if they don't fit right. People come in different sizes and shapes and so do good sunglasses. The most common complaint from people who buy sunglasses on line is that they don't fit correctly. The best suggestion is that you try the glasses at a local retailer before buying them. You may finally decide to buy online, but be sure you are buying the correct glasses for you.

Should You Get Polarized Sunglasses?

The answer to this may surprise you. Polarized sunglasses are not the best choice for most people.

Polarized sunglasses make a lot of sense for people who spend a lot of time on the water where sun glare from the water can cause a lot of eye fatigue. If you'll be on a boat for hours at a time you will find that polarized sunglasses keep you more comfortable.

The problem with polarized lenses is that they don't work well when viewing LCD (liquid crystal display) screens such as you have on your smart phone and many other modern devices, like the instrument panels on newer cars or airplanes. LCDs use a polarizing filter which conflicts with the polarization in the glasses.

How Expensive Are They?

When it comes to price... "you get what you pay for". You can find inexpensive aviator sunglasses for less than $40.00. If you buy them you'll probably be buying a replacement pair pretty soon. Good quality glasses will probably cost you from $60.00 to as much as $250.00, depending on what you are looking for. You can also pay a lot more than $250.00, but that means you are in the designer range where the name of the designer is more important than the functionality of the glasses.

As with anything else these days the list price for sunglasses is higher than what you will need to pay from a retailer like Amazon or its' competitors. Again, just be sure the glasses you buy really do fit correctly and are the right choice for you.

Well Known Manufacturers

There are a lot of companies who sell aviator sunglasses and many of them have good quality products. Unfortunately some of the products out there really don't measure up to the rest. It's best to stick with manufacturers with a solid reputation for quality, customer service and value.

Two companies with an excellent reputation are Ray-Ban, the original designer and producer of aviator sunglasses, and Oakley, with a strong background in providing equipment for a many different sports.

Ray-Ban - The Traditional Leader

Ray-Ban was founded in 1937 when the US government asked them to develop a replacement for the traditional pilot's goggles which were all that was available to protect pilot's eye from bright sunlight and UV rays. Originally owned by Bausch & Lomb, Ray-Ban was sold in 1999 to the Luxottica Group, a high-end Italian company.

Another popular style of sunglasses called the Wayfarer was also developed by Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban is considered a leader in the development of innovative approaches to eyewear.

The Ray-Ban website shows a very wide variety of styles, materials and color combinations, including polarized and non-polarized lenses. The list prices on polarized lenses in any particular style are typically $40.00 to $90.00 more than for non-polarized.

Among the more popular (best-selling) Ray-Ban models are:

Aviator Large Metal - with prices starting at $99.00 for non-polarized.

• Aviator Small Metal - shown as "Petite Fit". List price is $129.00.

Cockpit - start at $139.00.

• Aviator Titanium - pricing starts at $165.00

Aviator Tech - pricing starts at $189.00. Newest models, with even lighter materials.

• Outdoorsman - start at $145.00

Other models are available as well but these are the most popular.

The Ray-Ban reputation for quality is one reason that they are so very popular.

Oakley - Known for Innovation, Quality and Style

Unlike Ray-Ban, Oakley didn't start as part of a large corporation. In fact, Jim Jannard started in his garage with $300.00. Jannard believed that he would be able to build a company that could "work better and look better than anything else out there". His first product was a motorcycle grip that with a tread and shape that was unique and fit the rider's hand better than anything else.

Oakley is now a company with a wide variety of products that are well regarded by people devoted to many different sports. Their line of sports glasses, based on the original design of aviator sunglasses, is very successful and highly regarded. Oakley glasses feature maximum eye protection, a streamlined look and excellent performance. Oakley sunglasses don't necessarily conform to the original tear drop shape lenses but they are very effective as good looking eye protection.

With Oakley you have a wide variety of materials, colors and styles available. On the Oakley website there are 7 best-selling styles displayed, with a range of color combinations between frame and lens colors. List prices are shown but you will probably be able to buy for pretty good discounts from list:

Plaintiff - Starting at $160.

• Polarized Probation - $240.

Polarized Inmate - Starting at $220.

• Probation - Starting at $160.

• Polarized Crosshair 2.0 - Starting at $220.

• Crosshair 2.0 -Starting at $160.

Inmate - Starting at $170.

You'll notice that the polarized glasses are considerably more expensive than the non-polarized. Why pay the extra money unless you really need polarization?

You may find you prefer aviator sunglasses from another manufacturer. That's fine. The intent of this report is to give you an idea about the characteristics of the best aviator sunglasses, particularly for men. Shop carefully and you will have sunglasses that you will feel good in and will be proud to wear.

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Sunglasses or (spectacles) are said to be originated as far Back as the 12th century or possibly earlier by Chinese court judges Using flat panes of smoke colored quartz that did protect the Eyes from glare, but not corrective sight abilities like Prescription lenses. There is some historical data that State the crystals were used to hide the facial expression and /or Having eye contact during interrogation of witnesses.

Other experiments in the mid 18th century are documented that The use of blue or green lenses with spectacles Not necessarily called sunglasses at that time believed to Have corrective abilities for specific vision impairments.

In the late 1920s inexpensive sunglasses were introduced to America by Sam Foster (Foster Grant) on the beaches of the most Famous east coast summer vacation hot spot Atlantic City, NJ At the legendary Woolworth Department store on the boardwalk.

Around 1926 the famous Bausch & Lomb eye wear had one of the Best developments in the world - Ray-Ban brand sunglasses, Made for pilots during the first and Second World War period and Are still available today. Timeless form, function and style.

1936 was another year for a major development in Technology for sunglass / sun shade use, Edwin H. Land experimented using his patented Polaroid filter by Covering the lenses to further enhance the ability for Sunglasses to reduce glare. Later that development carried over To cameras, camera lenses and various optical accessories.

The 1950s is when sunglasses started to play as more of a Fashion statement for movie stars and musicians the "cool" factor Became a cultural phenomenon and a fashion accessory in there World no matter the time, place, indoor, outdoors, day, Or night. "Cool" was raised to a whole new level in those days.

Foster Grant came forward with a ad campaign that Took their sunglasses to the ultimate chic level with the Popular saying "Who's that behind those Foster Grants?" That made the company a dominant force in the world of Must have fashion eye wear in America and abroad. Today, sunglasses or shades have come a long way since its Introduction and this fashion accessory trend keep on Evolving to a must-have as part of any wardrobe, anytime of the year.

Sunglass Safety & Protection: UV, UVA, UVB ratings (ultra-violet rays) US, Australian, European Standards

Exposure to ultra-violet rays (UV) can cause short & long term Ocular problems and proper protection is vital with fashion or Work-related eye wear and should be taken into consideration. Beside from looking "cool" consumers need to be aware of what to Look for when buying sunglasses no matter the price range. Remember price is not necessarily an indicator of Quality as one might think.

For some time, High Energy Visible Light (HEV) has been Said to cause macular degeneration as we age, children transmit Much more HEV light than adults and is definitely Something to keep in mind not to overlook when Everything else is covered concerning you and your child.

Here is a quick reference of what to look for when buying Sunglasses. Not all manufacturers follow these standards Nor do they have to, So be aware..

Australian Standard AS1067- Ratings go from 0 to 4. "0" some Protection and "4" highest level of UV protection.

US Standard ANSI Z80.3-1972 old US compliance Updated standard ANSI Z80.3-2001- states that lenses should be UVB (280 TO 315nm) translates to not more than 1% of UVB Light can filter through lenses. UVA (315 TO 380nm) translates No more than 0.5 times of visual light transmittance.

European Standard EN1836: 2005- Ratings go from 0 to 3 for UV protection, 0 insufficient, 1 sufficient, 2 good, 3 full Protection of UV rays

Keep these standards in mind before buying sunglasses No matter the cost.

Now, Sunglasses are available from a multitude of designers and Manufacturers. There are designer sunglasses by PRADA, OAKLEY, HUGO BOSS, VERSACE etc. and even some old school originators Come in almost any size, color, shape and style. From a simple Experiment in the early days to worldwide fashion Statement, the sunglass movement is more than just a spectacle.

Look "Cool" and be safe doing it!!