Ray-Ban has always been renowned for fashionable and functional eyewear. Eyeglasses combine style and purpose, to give you a functional accessory that is compatible with your everyday look. It is a known fact that eyeglasses primarily enhance vision, but there’s no reason why they can’t also add to your fashion quotient. Ray-Ban Rx frames in 

 are not like ordinary prescription frames; with their immaculate craftsmanship, they are always compatible with your corrective lenses.

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If you like to be in the limelight at parties and get noticed for your good looks, Ray-Ban Rx designer eyeglasses 

 are your best bet.Eyeglasses are very trendy, and their styles are always in line with the latest trends and designs. Attention to detail is a unique factor in these Eyeglasses, and distinct patterns have made these eyeglasses more than just a fashion accessory.

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 come in a number of styles to suit every face. The RX 6121 is distinguished by rectangular lenses and sleek frames for that chic and trendy look. Other attractive eyeglasses include 6113, which has rectangular frames and comes in six colors. Another exciting option is the RX 5184 sunglasses because of its wayfarer styling! It’s the perfect choice to embark on your outdoor adventures! Trust these glasses to exude sophistication whenever you step out.

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Make your own sunglasses by choosing the different tint color available. You can always make your favorite frames or your favorite pair of sunglasses to pair of prescription sunglasses that look exactly like a pair of non-prescription sunglasses, with your favorite shade of tint. You have a wide variety of options available as you can choose any frames you like get the lenses tinted. However be careful while choosing the tint colors, it is important to select tint color that matches your skin tone and hair color.

Choice of the lens tint color is not only important, it is equally important to select the color for your prescription glasses carefully. Individuals who have fair complexion should opt for warm colors like Red, purple, magenta, blue and green colors frames work well for those with dark and brown hair.

Light tint color like light pink, rose, yellow, brown and grey are used for fashion purpose but if you are looking for a good sunglasses tint then you can opt for dark grey and brown as these are dark color and will be much darker than any other color. Most popular tint color is Gray as it offers good protection against glare, making them a good choice for driving and general use.Red and blue colors give less uv protection as it allows 70% of visible light to be transmitted through the lens inside and 30% of visible light is transmitted outside.. Brown tint color is great for driving and computer use. G-15 is a tint composed of green and gray and tint reduces glare and lessens eyestrain in very bright sunlight.

After choosing the tint color and the frames, you should know about the tint intensity so that the tint can be applied on the lenses according to your need.Tinted lenses can be colored in different intensity like Light, Medium and Dark Solid since the lenses are tinted by the process of absorption by immersing the lenses in a warm color solution. The intensity of darkness depends on how long the lenses are immersed in a color tank. If you want the lenses to retain same color throughout the lenses the whole lenses is submerged in the tank for a specific time and if you want the lenses to retain a gradient tint (Dark on top and light at the bottom) then top portion of the lenses is dipped in the solution for longer period as compared to the bottom half of the lenses.

This type of gradient tint is recommended for bifocal sunglasses as it offers clear vision from the reading area.

Dark solid tint which has a tint intensity of 80%-90% darkness which are not recommended for driving as the lenses are really dark and it may interrupt your vision. Medium tint with an intensity of 50%-60% tinting are recommended for driving. You can also opt for yellow tint which is also referred as "blue-blocker" as it blocks blue rays hence decreases haze and makes the object appear sharper.

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There are two main reasons for wearing sunglasses - for the visual aid that they are designed for and for the fashionable look they can give you. Sunglasses are a must have accessory and the pair that you wear can say a lot about your personality and style. Finding a great pair of sunglasses depends a lot on your fashion taste. But regardless of the reason, the types of lenses you choose in them are very important. Here we will look at two types, polarized and prescription.


Polarized sunglasses are mainly used in situations where the wearer needs to be able to see clearly and needs to have glare that could pose a danger, filtered out. Glare makes seeing difficult because the light can upset the eye and obscure details which are hidden behind it. Polarized sunglasses consist of a second protective layer bonded on, similar to car windshield tinting, but this layer will allow only vertical waves to pass through. Since most reflected waves are horizontal, they are effectively blocked and prevented from passing through the lens to the eye. Polarised lenses were developed to eliminate glare caused by reflection. Initially fisherman and boaters were the first to use polarized lenses as the addition of the polarizing filter eliminated most of the glare from the surface of the water. However, it was not long before the value of polarised sunglasses was realized for other situations and they became routinely used at the beach, while driving, sailing, skiing, playing golf and in many other activities.

Utilizing polarized sunglasses is a good idea for professional drivers, runners and cyclists and other road users as they cut down on glare reflected off shiny and wet streets and sidewalks. Polarized sunglasses are excellent for people who need to see below the surface of water as they dramatically reduce the glare coming off the water so they can see what is below. In fly-fishing, boating and other water based activities and sports in particular, polarized sunglasses are a must when you need to see below the surface of the water. Polarized lenses are great for many other outdoor activities that take place in bright sunlight where glare is an issue as they block light reflected off smooth surfaces like water and pavement.


Prescription sunglasses are used by people who have sight problems like short or long sightedness and take the place of their regular glasses for outdoor activities.

Like ordinary sunglasses, they are available in all types of lens materials, including high index polycarbonate, Trivex (a lightweight material similar to polycarbonate), regular (CR-39) plastic and glass. Even though glass lenses provide the best optical quality they are no longer the most popular choice for sunglasses mainly due to their weight and cost. Lighter and often cheaper materials are now more often used for prescription lenses. Also, for convenience, prescription sunglasses are a much better option than carrying clip-ons that have to be attached to regular prescription glasses when the wearer is outdoors. As well, they are lighter to carry and the owner does not have to look for and carry the extra set of clip-ons whenever the need to use them arises.

Prescription sunglasses must be prescribed by an optician but this does not mean they cannot be fashionable. Like ordinary sunglasses, they are available in a multitude of styles and colors to suit the current trends and fashion. There are also designer frames that can be fitted with prescription lenses. However, it is important to be aware that although they look no different to conventional sunglasses they are suitable only for the person for whom they were prescribed.